Monday, 29 October 2012

Just a minute... October.

Listening... to The Paper Kites and Hanne Kolstø.
Watching... The Matrix Trilogy... ahem... for the very first time.
Eating... these bad guys.
Visiting... Kaja in London.
Meeting... Naomi in person. Finally.
Showing... Aurélie around Oslo.
Making... a bunting paper garland for Marine.
Downloading... the Silent History.

Loved links:
• How do you balance analog & digital in your life?
Is your work photoshopped?
"You don't own me." - Your vote is your voice.
Paper Iceberg Installation.
Ethereal Photographs from Wonderland.

And on the blog... Saving the world, one a smile at a time - Spending some time in my hometown - Painting it gray - Constance.

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  1. You've only just seen the Matrix? Gasp, the first film is one of my favourite films of all time, I watched it over and over when it first came out :) I can skip the other two mind...

  2. That's a pretty awesome installation! Hope you enjoyed this month!