Monday, 30 January 2012

Just a minute ...

... in January.

Watching... The Godfather.
Listening... to 'In the Grace of your Love' by The Rapture.
Reading... not as fast as I wish.
Buying... imaginary shoes (i.e. making wishlists)
Drinking... Moroccan mint tea.
Looking... for a new flat. 
Loving... SLEEPING

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pantone 16-1255 Russet Orange

Skirt + Lace Top + Cardigan

I finally purchased a mirror (!) which makes it easier to snap outfit photos on my way out the door. In other news, I cut my hair a week ago, I wear A LOT of blush in a vain attempt to look like a doll and I eat an apple a day. Bazinga! 

Monday, 9 January 2012

An Experiment in Simplicity - Part Three: Don't Let Clutter Get Back In

A little while ago, I mentioned getting rid of the mess... 

I know it didn't look messy at all to most of you but in my quest for minimalism, this part of my bedroom was driving me nuts. Ok, maybe not nuts but I sure didn't like the way my necklaces were displayed and my bookshelf was full of stuff. Stuff. Even though it was full of things I liked, it was full of things I never used simply because I had forgotten about most of them. The more you have, the less you see what you have.

I gave books away, I discarded bags of paper - brochures, pages, articles - I had been keeping ever since I moved in. I couldn't believe how much clutter I had around. I had no idea getting rid of it would make such a difference. I took everything out, reorganized all of it and I can now see what I have and make better use of it. I found out I don't want to have many books. I want books that inspire me, books that I actually read and even reread.

• Read: Closet Resolutions by Little Tin Soldier.
• Listen: Hearts by I Break Horses.
• Watch: The Artist with Jean Dujardin.