Thursday, 28 February 2013

Just a minute...

... in February.

Watching... Girls (completely overrated, it felt like a waste of my time and I still don't understand the hype) & Game of Thrones (loving it, can't wait to get started with the second season).

A wonderful anti-nationalist "mythbuster" book which deconstructs every major myth of the Norwegian nationalist historical narrative while promoting a view of history based on the idea of "The world in Norway and Norway in the world."

Wanting... these shoes.

Dreaming... of my next tattoo.

• Going Incognito by Lily Perthuis (on Sparkapolooza)

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  1. I had a totaly Game of Thrones crazy phase about a year ago. But then it suddenly ended. Like one day I felt that I can't take all the violence. Though I loved the first book and I almost finished watching the second season of the series. I still have several books to be read, I really should get back on track. I mean, I did love it for a while.

    xx Kaisa

    1. I do understand you needed to take a break, it can easily get overwhelming with that many episodes to watch and books to read. xxx

  2. i'm obsessed with game of thrones!! i heard the books are awesome too but i haven't read them yet.

    1. Adding them to my to-read list :)

  3. eeeeep, your glasses are so neat!

    tattoos are so addictive. i am planning my new one as well.

    it's been a while since i've commented, but i continue to read your blog all the time.

    hope all is well!

  4. Totally agree with you on Girls. I didn´t like (or get it) too and didn´t even make it through two episodes. Is it supposed to be funny or realistic or just bleh?
    Game of Thrones´ Season 3 starts in 4 weeks. Loved the 1st season, liked the 2nd, curious about the 3rd :)