Thursday, 14 March 2013

[Oh Hello Oslo] European Identities at the Nobel Peace Center

Is there a European identity? How does it enter into play? What separates us? What unites us?

The European Photo Exhibition Award  – epea –  aims to create a free space where socially relevant topics concerning Europe are developed and discussed by talented young European photographers. The twelve appointed photographers will translate their observations, analyses and statements into a photo essay. The results will be presented in a joint touring exhibition within Europe. 

Read more about these twelve photographers here.
And here are a few more snapshots I took during the exhibition opening.

If you were to define your identity, where would you get started? Would you start by looking at yourself or at your family? Your hometown or the place where you decided to settle down as a grown-up? 

Exhibition: European Identities
8th March - 15th September 2013
Nobel Peace Center - Oslo


  1. I have been thinking about the identity matter a lot. I guess it depends a lot on where I am. If I am in my homeland Estonia I define myself as being from Tallinn (the city girl). If I'm out of my country I define myself as an Estonian and Northern European (esp now that I live in Spain). However, the other day I told sbd that I think I am the citizen of the world. It sounds kinda corny, but the boundaries in my life don't run along state lines. I have friends and family in several different countries. I feel really well in different countries. I like speaking different languages and I adapt things I love from different cultures and sources.

    Ps. Looks like a really cool exhibition.

    xx Kaisa