Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Good shoes take you good places - by Nikki .

I've had these All Stars since grade 11. Never been washed. They've travelled to 11 different countries, seen me through 4 different boyfriends, lived with me in 6 different homes, danced me through 13 music festivals and they were the shoes I wore when I was booked into hospital to have Sophie. If shoes could be best friends, these would be mine.

Words & Photo by Nikki


  1. Love that you've shared this! When I took this pic I was sitting in the car waiting for Ella for finish occupational therapy and I was chatting with my sister about how much of my life these converse have seen. If you think about it, our shoes carry us through our lives and if they could talk they'd probably give the trusts testaments about who we are :-)

  2. My favourite best friend shoes fell apart :( I wore them to death though - they got me through Uni, through festivals, they saw Bruce Springsteen with me, they took me around London and I loved them.

    p.s. I love the enthusiasm quote in your sidebar. I'm writing it down!