Saturday, 2 November 2013

Just a minute ...

... in October.

Watching… Derek.

Listening… to David Byrne & St Vincent. And also this song.

Attending… James Blake's gig. Magic.

Buying… Christmas presents.

Eating… seasonably. Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie… 

Considering… becoming a weekday vegetarian.

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  1. glad you made it to see james blake live, how awesome is he! i was still all amazed when i saw him live in sydney, mesmerising!

  2. the pilot for derek was hella funny, but wondering if RG can sustain it season-long (obviously, i still have yet to watch the entire season). how do you like it?

    hahaha! rainbow batman is awesome. or, as we like to say: amazeballs.

  3. Watched the first ep of Derek last night & laughed my ass off! Can't wait to get into it. Please share your fav weekday veggie meals! I've been on a meat and potatoes diet lol and I'm just dying to eat more veg! Saw this awesome recipe for carrot, zucchini & haloumi cheese burgers! Will mail it to you! xxxxxxxxxxx