Sunday, 24 November 2013

Poppins Or Nothing

Mark Kermode is one of my favourite film critics. So I was thrilled when I found out he loved Mary Poppins as much as I do. 'I love Mary Poppins and I don't really understand anyone who doesn't.'

What about you? Is there a film for you that can decide 
whether or not you can be friends with someone or not?


  1. He's my favourite film critic too :) I went to see him on his book tour last year but was too star struck to ask for his autograph! If people have bad taste in films then I do initially feel disappointed in them, silly as it sounds! x

    1. How lucky! He's so well-spoken!

  2. He talked about it when we saw him the other day :) have you seen the trailer for the new film Saving Mr Banks which is about Mary Poppins? I can't wait to see that.

    I can't really talk about judging people when it comes to films though- I love some great ones, but I love some terrible films too - its all about variation haha.

  3. I do love Mary Poppins so I reckon we might be friends ;)
    I know I'm odd, but I'm kind of suspicious of people who don't read novels...