Monday, 17 March 2014

An Experiment in Simplicity - Part Five: What are you wearing?

Three years ago I listed the contents of my wardrobe before decluttering and I decided it was about time to do it again and compare.

Up & Down:

• Tees & tops: went from 27 down to 15.
• Shoes: went down from 18 pairs to 14 (including rubber boots)
• Skirts: went down from 19 to 14.
• Dresses: went up from 8 to 14.
• Shirts & blouses: went up from 9 to 14.


one yellow tutu (which I only wear once a year)
• 15 cardigans & jumpers
• 3 pants
• 3 blazers
• 3 hats

Tips & lessons:

• My closet is divided in two: my wardrobe is all colours and prints while my chest of drawers is mostly black: black underwears, black tees, black jumpers. Very helpful when it comes to getting dressed in the morning: I pick a colourful garment and build the outfit around it. Except when I dress in black from head to toes.

• The rule 'Buy something new? Then something else has to go!' works wonders. My wardrobe might not have shrunk as much as I would like it to - but I'm slowly getting there.

• You can't change your entire wardrobe at once unless you have the budget for it. Be prepared for it to be a slow process.

• Amazon Wishlist is your best friend. Instead of adding it to your basket, add it to your wishlist and give it a few days. Once a month, I go through the list, remove anything I don't want any longer and treat myself to one item. At the moment, mine is all about shoes I can't afford and amazing necklaces.


• Super Shoes & Special Clutch
Amanda's Wardrobe Inventory.

And remember:
"Clutter is the meaningless getting in the way of the meaningful."


Borderline Minimalist started as an experiment in 2011 as an attempt to break the habit of buying stuff. Ever since I got started, I've been saving money, saving time and doing my bit to save the planet.

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  1. I'm so inspired by these posts! Since you came to visit I have been trying to simplify my wardrobe and get more organized. Might just do an inventory too!

    1. Thanks love! Let me know if you do an inventory, I'd love to see how it goes.

  2. I don't think I ever listed the items in my wardrobe. What a fantastic idea!!!