Monday, 7 April 2014

Talking about wardrobe minimalism... with Megan.

• First of all, can you see it working out for you? Ever tried? Pros and cons?
Minimalism for me does not necessarily meaning not having “stuff” for lack of a better word but only having possessions that you really use and love. In this sense minimalism is working out for me, in the sense that my wardrobe and home only contains pieces that I truly use and love, meaning that I can easily put together outfits as there isn’t any clutter distracting me. I have had some times where I have tried to find something that I have given away but it happens so rarely that I am not too worried about it.

• How is your wardrobe organized?
My wardrobe is organised by pieces. For example all my t-shirts are together, all my skirts are together and all my coats are together. I find this makes it easier to put outfits together in the morning.

• Any special tips and tricks you feel like sharing?
I regularly clean out my wardrobe to ensure I don’t hold on to pieces that I never wear. I probably clean out my wardrobe once every 3 months and sell things that I don't want anymore on eBay or via Instagram. This also means you have money for something new when you need it. I donate whatever I cannot sell.

I also recommend doing regular stocktakes of your wardrobe – what classic pieces are you missing? By filling these gaps you will have so many more outfit options. Last time I did this, I realised I didn’t even have a basic white tee, now I don’t know how I lived without one.

• Make a quick inventory. How many pairs of shoes do you own? How many dresses?
About 20 pairs of shoes and 15 dresses.

• What is your weakness?
Anything expensive haha. The older I get, the more expensive my taste. I am now drawn to well made classic pieces and would prefer to invest in clothing that will last me ages than a lot of cheap clothes that I will only wear once.

• What is your shopping routine?
I used to go on big shopping trips but now I am more likely to see something online or on another blog – think about it, go into a shop and try it on and if I still like it I will buy it. This is my general routine but I still have some spontaneous purchases every now and again.

• Tell us about your favourite piece of clothing.
My favourite piece of clothing is my beige trench coat. It is an essential transitional piece and gets me through Spring and Summer when it's not cold enough for a coat but you need an extra layer. The colour means that it goes with everything.

Words & Photos by Megan.


  1. This was a nice interview to read, and I love the outfit photos that are included toward the bottom. I've gotten into the habit of routinely cleaning out my wardrobe as well, and, now that I'm older, I completely understand the importance of having versatile pieces. I would much rather have a few really good quality, versatile pieces, than a whole closet full of inexpensively-made things that may or may not go together.

  2. This is the perfect spring cleaning encouragement. I want to only have things that I love and use!