Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Photographic Diary: Dawn

"I take photos in order to remember. I take photos in order to document moments, places, and people as they are and explaining - with an image and perhaps a few words - the sound of laughter, the scent of atmosphere, the sly curl of a smile. I'm not a fancy photographer; in fact, I'm not a photographer at all. I'm just a human who wants to remember the Indianapolis skyline, pink from the glowing sunset, and who wants to remember the shape of her mother's hands as they deftly work in the kitchen: kneading, shaping, molding. So while my other senses are busy converting smells, sounds, and textures to memory, my hands are busy with some sort of photographic contraption, be it a DSLR, a refurbished LC-A, a SuperHeadz, or an iPhone."

A self-portrait...



Meet Dawn


  1. Thank you again so very much for featuring me! I absolutely love this, and really appreciate it. I hope you'll continue doing this series!