Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Good shoes take you good places.

Guys, let's talk about shoes.

Ever since I followed The Uniform Project, I've been dreaming about finding the perfect pair of shoes. You know, THE perfect pair of shoes, the pair you can use with everything, anywhere, anytime. And a couple of months ago, it happened. They're pretty, they're comfy and they're available in 12 effing different colors. Hello?!

Behold! The Ribbon Ballet Flats

I got mine in black and then I ordered another pair in red.
And yes, I'm thinking of getting them in green. 
And that pale pink is cute too, isn't it?

• • •

For a long long time, I thought heels were a torture device and I couldn't understand how people could actually walk in them. 

Enters Clarks.

I proclaim these the perfect heels. The heel is a combo of the perfect height and the perfect chunkiness (Is chunkiness even a word? If not, it should be.) Yes, same syndrome again: purchasing them in one colour before getting them in another colour a month later.
• • •

And last but not least: these beauties.

Love at first sight but way out of my budget. And then a few months later, who do I meet again with a 50%-off price tag? Well done Marc Jacobs, well done.

So as you can see, this summer has been a bit of shoe orgy. 
That's FIVE pairs of shoes. What's with the minimalism, huh?
Current inventory: 16 pairs of shoes. 

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