Tuesday 21 April 2015

Amsterdam - Part One: Museums

Exhibition: The Stedelijk Museum in the Second World War.

DOTS - In the spring of 1939, but possibly even earlier, the staff of the Stedelijk began to compile lists of art that needed to be protected in the event of war. The works were grouped into three categories: the first category (red) contained art that was considered irreplaceable, and therefore prioritized for evacuation. The second category (white) was listed as important, but not irreplaceable. The third category (blue) was considered replaceable, in principle. This classification was generally shown by a dot of paint applied to the back to the artwork. 

Exhibition: Late Rembrandt.

The exhibition was ridiculously crowded so I ended up observing people and their interactions with the artworks, which proved more interesting than Rembrandt himself.


Oh Vincent, you beautiful thing.